Geo-data Collection Global Leader

Topographical, geotechnical and geo-data service provider, with a presence in the Portuguese and International market
for over 20 years, is the result of an ambitious project that aims to provide topographic and geotechnical services
in a differentiated manner in terms of quality, reliability and meeting deadlines with customers.

Global Outreach

Working around the world, we have hired approximately 450 people in 14 different countries in times of high demand. By deploying our fleet of specialized assets, highly experienced teams and cutting-edge digital products, we make a vital contribution to building a safer and more reliable world.

Geoibéricos in Action

We provide critical information to facilitate the safe, economical and sustainable design and construction of buildings and infrastructure, along with the precise location and condition of assets as they are built and operated, to optimize asset reliability, utilization and longevity.

Extended Portfolio

A international leader in site characterization and asset integrity, we offer integrated services anywhere in the world. By delivering complex, high-profile projects, we have leading positions in specific market segments in selected countries and regions.

Our Approach

Geoibéricos International provides services in the surveying and consulting area, nationally and internationally,customizing solutions through high-quality equipment. To make sure we achieve our customer demands, we mobilize our teams effectively. Sustainability and quality is the most important factor at Geoibéricos.

Adapted Growth

We are living in a period of intense and accelerating change. Over the coming decades, population growth, increasing wealth and urbanisation will lead to an increasing demand for energy, water, food, minerals, metals, buildings, industrial plants and infrastructure. Also, technology is changing faster than even before. This is affecting virtually every industry, opening up new opportunities for different, more effective ways of working.

Our Experience

Exploring the earth for over half a century, our team of experts has unrivalled experience in engineering design and large structure building projects. Discover our expertise in geotechnical, survey, subsea, geoscience and geoconsultancy services. We’ll even provide tailored solutions to suit your project.

Experience Built of Heritage

Geoibericos Group is Funded

Geoibericos Group, was founded by a group of engineers in the early stages of their careers after working on various big scale projects in Spain and Portugal.

August of 2000

Reaching Further

After a few years, Geoibéricos Group started expanding outside the peninsula and into Northern Europe and Northern Africa, opening opportunities for new types of projects.

November 2005

Opening Our First Branch

On 28 April of 2007, we officially opened our first branch office in Tripoli, Libya. Where we worked on our first international airport, and many other types of projects which lead us to the great experience we have today in the different fields of the industry.
May 2007

Expanding Our Frontiers

By 2010, we had over 6 branches all over 4 continents, with over 100 projects on our portfolio, we strive to prove our clients the service provided by Geoibéricos is trustworthy.

April 2010

Adapting to New Technologies

With the rapid technological growth in the industry’s equipment, we always try adapting to the new equipment in order to provide our clients with results that no other company can.

January 2012


Providing our services to over 16 countries at the moment, we are proud to say that Geoibericos has got what you need. Count on us with any of your needs.

January 2020

Creating a Sustainable Future

Health and Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment and Diversity and Inclusion are our sustainability focus areas.

Social Support

Community Investment

Geoibéricos is committed to supporting local communities
by leveraging the group´s business to address local social challenges.
Geoibéricos approach to community invest­ment aims to create
shared value, both social and economic, for local communi­ties
and customers, as well as for Geoibéricos.
Working for a better society

Sustainability Focus Area

Through the many important projects we undertake and the
innovative, sustainable solutions we use to deliver them, Skanska builds for
a better society. Our values guide what we do and how we work, and this dual
focus helps ensure a sustainable future for our people, customers and communities.
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