Earthwork Solutions

By combining latest generation GNSS and robotic total station surveying methods when setting out for the excavation and placement of material, we can ensure your specific project requirements are met.

Earthworks surveying can be as important as determining boundary lines in many construction projects.

This is especially true in large-scale projects such as residential development, roads, railways and other government infrastructure. Earthworks usually involve either the removal or placement of soil or land mass on a particular area. For this purpose, surveyors calculate the volumes of cuts and embankment fills. This is essential in preparing the site for actual construction.

First, it aids in accurate planning. The volumes of cuts and embankment fills will help engineers in the planning of costs and timelines. In large-scale earthworks, the removal or placement of soil can take weeks (and even months) before any construction activity commences. Accurate information can help engineers set clear expectations and create realistic plans.

We can mitigate problems and costly mistakes. Earthworks projects have varying scope and accuracy requirements.

At Geoibéricos you get expertise. Our trained and experienced surveyors are available to handle data management, calibrations, and troubleshooting – all key components for the successful daily operation of machine control technology.

We offer a complete solution. Significant time and cost savings are achieved by offering a complete solution service, from implementing machine control systems, to handling the supply, installation and management of equipment and data.

You also receive the benefits of our partnerships. You will be able to take advantage of the benefit that we can gain intimate knowledge of the survey requirements for large earthworks operations, thanks to our partnerships with specialised contractors in the field of earthmoving.

Professional surveyors accomplish this by performing constant verification of measurements.

Because of the accuracy’s importance, construction firms are careful to choose a surveying company. Keep in mind that accurate measurements can speed up a construction project (whether for determining boundary lines or earthwork volumes). Accuracy can also help developers save on costs. For instance, the accurate calculation of earthwork volumes will lead to accurate payment to contractors. You will only be paying for the amount of work done. In addition, you will minimise the necessity for import or export of material. Professional surveyors accomplish this by performing constant verification of measurements. This is the case especially with experienced surveyors. They can spot an error early on before any excavation or construction activity begins.

Truly, this type of surveying can be as critical as confirmation of boundary lines and project scope. This also affects the costs and timelines. That’s why here at Geoibéricos, our client-focused team specialises in accuracy when it comes to measurement. This way, you will save on costs and possibly meet the deadlines.
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