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Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater

Low cost solutions that enable site recovery of contaminated soil and aquifer systems and the emergence of remediation technologies using nanomaterials.

Geotechnical Project

Foundations, earth retaining structures, landfills, and other geotechnical structures. We design and advise our clients by helping them solve their potential problems.

Laboratory Tests

We perform tests in accordance with national and inter- national standards such as EN (European Standard) / BS (British Standard) / AASHTO / ASTM (American Standard) / NBR (British Standard) / NLT (Spanish Standard) / NP / LNEC (English Standard) / GOST (Russian Standard) / SM STB (Belarus Standard) / DIN (German Standard)

Geological and Geotechnical Studies

We ensure completion of geological and geotechnical studies for engineering projects as diverse as single- family residential buildings, bridges, road and rail infra- structure, port and airport facilities, dams and hydraulic reservoirs. We respond to the specific needs of each pro- ject, offering the best value for money.

Consulting and Training Services

A top technical staff certified and specially trained in Geology, Geotechnics & Environment guarantee specialized consulting services in project analysis in work context as well as training in the classroom, for middle and senior management.

Structural, Geological and Geotechnical Research

We conduct research using mechanical rotation and percussion probes. The available equipment allows to evaluate the most relevant geotechnical parameters, contributing to the success of the projects in which we are involved.

The foundation of your projects. x


Based on a perspective of rigor and professionalism, Geoibericos comprises experienced technicians in the fields of geology and geotechnics that guarantee the quality of services provided. To obtain reliable results for appropriate projects, all actions are based on reference normative and closely monitored by technical experts, always in close cooperation with the client. The extensive international experience of its teams ensure the development of partnerships with local authorities and the adoption of research methodologies in line with local regulations, ensuring the flexibility of procedures and consequently on results suitable to the geological reality and geotechnical site.

Environmental soil sample for chemical and organoleptic analysis.
Soil sample for geological and geotechnical analysis.