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The most accurate choice. LiDAR.

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing reflected light. Today, civil engineers and architects can substitute traditional study methods for a laser scanner to ensure more complete data, reducing project life and costs. The Laser Scanner is an efficient tool with faster and more accurate 3D information of the current condition of buildings and all kinds of places. Laser scanning is a 3D utilizing laser technology to generate detailed 3D environments and complex geometries.
It requires less time to complete the review process, reducing project duration and cost. The laser scanner has high accuracy and can record almost one million measurement points per second to generate a high 3D image. precision.

Computerized data can be processed directly for different purposes: analysis, visualization, modeling and construction of traditional CAD software such as Autocad (Civil, Revit Architecture), MicroStation, among others. High potential for multiple use of 3D image data, which can be considered in cost analysis. No need to choose specific measurement points and no more repeat measurements on site due to lack of data.

Reliability to millimeter in data collection.
Equity with variable range.
Increased safety for on-site technicians.
GPS connected to equipment providing real-time coordinates.

Laser Survey Services

LiDAR Technology In today’s world of project renovation and modernization, 3D laser scanning solutions provide a cost effective and efficient method. Our 3D Laser Scanning service eliminates the need for companies to invest in laser scanning hardware as well as the hours required to collect data. We go to the desktop, scan the laser and deliver the collected point cloud so you can use your project or plan of detail.

3D & 2D Project Planning

LiDAR Technology The point cloud can simply be a visual reference point for design details or can serve as a starting point for the entire project. The 3D Modeling Service that Geoibéricos provides enables companies to focus on their current work by shifting the heavy work of creating point cloud solids to 3D models and drawings, 2D plans and final screens or any other. type.


LiDAR Technology 3D laser scanning can provide detailed 3D models that accurately document entire installations and their assets, such as power components, machines and piping. This scan data can be used for construction management, collision detection, end screens for CAD modeling and other plant design tasks.

Infrastructure Modeling

LiDAR Technology 3D laser scanning assists in all phases of design and construction. With this tool it is possible to compare the current state of 3D construction with what was designed in Autocad at any time, thus eliminating the company’s time and resources.

Point Cloud Survey of a Refinery Storage Facility - Libya

River Bathymetry with LiDAR analysis - Portugal

Aerial & Ground LiDAR Processing - London

Point Cloud Classification of a Factory - Germany


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Our LiDAR Services x

The Geoibéricos Group offers a wide range of  “basics” LiDAR data processing. Among them, the most requested products are the Digital Elevation Models (DEM). Depending on the original raw data (new data acquisition or existing archived data), we generate high accurate DTM and DSM 3D models at different resolutions. Thanks to our exclusive interpolation method, me guarantee highest quality and accuracy.

Fully customised LiDAR classification services: From ground vs non ground to the most complex classification and analysis our specialised algorithms and processing will give you better results. We have customised algorithms for bathymetry and coastline analysis, and for utility mapping. We also offer high detail classification, such as filtering for antennas and chimneys , or for forest species or power line network editing at different voltages.

Topographic Survey

Meeting your needs. Geometric control, cartography, preliminary studies and auscultation execution control, as well as other 3D implementations, volume analysis or any necessary topographic services.


Thanks to the development of the new UAV equipment our services are starting a new phase in the acquisition of land survey data. We provide the topographic and visual information you need to improve decision making, reduce costs, save time and improve safety.