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Responsible land development depends on accurate environmental, geotechnical and geophysical data. We both acquire and interpret this data, using our expertise, in situ testing and world-class laboratory facilities to turn data into valuable knowledge.


With this information, ground characteristics and behaviors can be confidently determined, and potential hazards identified, allowing solutions to be modeled and managed. This enables our clients to make informed decisions during the engineering, design and construction phases of infrastructure development projects, ultimately reducing project risk and costs.

Topographical Survey

LAND SITE CHARACTERISATION Meeting your needs. Geometric control, cartography, preliminary studies and auscultation execution control, as well as other 3D implementations, volume analysis or any necessary topographic services. Read More


LAND SITE CHARACTERISATION Geoibéricos specializes in providing digital mapping products and services. To national or international quality standards and anywhere around the world. For construction or engineering.

UAV Services / Photogrammetry

LAND SITE CHARACTERISATION UAV sets a new standard in cartography and topography (among other services) by combining a robust and extremely easy-to-use system with a custom designed camera that delivers impressive results. Read More

LiDAR Services

LAND SITE CHARACTERISATION Mobile, in the air, on rail or fixed. We develop projects for road safety and maintenance, forestry, power lines, 3D cloud, digital terrain models and other projects of a similar nature. Read More

Geotechnical Studies

LAND SITE CHARACTERISATION Our geotechnical team ensures geological and geotechnical studies, which can be applied in engineering projects as diverse as residential buildings or even dams. Read More

Geographical Information Systems

LAND SITE CHARACTERISATION Geoibéricos specialized GIS team provides personalized services that meet your requirements and needs. It is a powerful tool for analyzing, manipulating and viewing geographic information in order to decide planning and management.