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Construction and Control Solutions for Engineering and Surveying companies that allow for improved field data collection and in-office processing to create results.

Territory Planning

Control and Supervision Geodetic control, field data collection, data processing and decision support technologies help you to implement and manage your spatial planning project from conception to completion.


Monitoring and Measuring Maximize productivity, reduce operating costs, and focus on worker safety at all stages of mining work.

Gas and Oil

Maintenance and Construction Oil & Gas industry-wide solutions that reduce costs and increase operational efficiency from Exploration & Production to Distribution & Marketing.


Construction and Maintenance Comprehensive solutions for telecommunications companies to streamline tasks from planning to mapping to maintenance.

Electrical Lines

Construction and Maintenance Solutions for power providers from network modeling and design, streamlining operations, increasing productivity and improving regulatory and customer service compliance.

Civil Engineering

Projects and Supervision Solutions for engineering consultants who can add more value to your designs and drawings. For any engineering area

Renewable Energy

Construction and Maintenance Photo-voltaic, wind or geothermal energy. We have been cooperating on some of the most important projects in the world.

GIS & Cartography

Project Development Solutions for the complete management of the rail life cycle from planning and design to the construction and maintenance phases.


Construction, Maintenance and Supervision Precise survey works are required for accurate results during the construction and maintenance phases of railway works, we have a wide railway work portfolio.


Hours on Field


Projects Complete


Client Satisfaction Rate


Total Surveyed Area (Km2)
  • Initial Surveys and Field Surveys
  • Topographic Control and Monitoring
  • Use of GPS, Total Station and Levels
  • Earth-moving monitoring and control
Basic topographic services for preliminary studies or project developments. Includes all types of services, such as internal plans, sections, elevations, etc. These services are usually preliminary work performed in the initial part of projects.
Surveillance of surveys and execution. Supervision and monitoring of work according to project and project recommendations. Geoibéricos disposes of more than 10 teams, which are highly trained and specialized in monitoring and controlling of projects.
These are the most common equipment used for classic topographic surveys. Our equipment is the latest model and the latest technology in order to provide our clients with not only accurate, but innovative results.
There are a wide range of services that can be included in surveying services, they are a great solution for engineering, construction, mining, projects. Geoibéricos integrates cutting edge equipment technology, with highly skilled personnel, to give our clients a good satisfaction rate.

Our Topography Services x

The Geoibéricos Group has over 13 years of success providing the best topography services in Portugal, Spain and, since 2007, internationally. During this period we have been innovating and
include new services, but always maintaining the foundation of our business: Classic topographic methods based on levels, total stations and GPS. With the evolution of the equipment, although the process is the same, the
Results presented are increasingly accurate. These services are in most cases the best economic and technical solution, although we are evolving into new surveying systems every day.

LiDAR Scanners

LiDAR is a remote sensing technology that measures distance by illuminating a target with a laser and analyzing reflected light. Today, civil engineers and architects can substitute traditional study methods for a laser scanner to ensure more complete data, reducing project life and costs.


Thanks to the development of the new UAV equipment our services are starting a new phase in the acquisition of land survey data. We provide the topographic and visual information you need to improve decision making, reduce costs, save time and improve safety.